Stormzy Opens Up About Being Stabbed in The Head

Written by on 30/10/2018

Stormzy Opens Up About Being Stabbed in The Head


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Stormy has revealed he was stabbed three times, once in the end in south London, Thornton Heath where the rapper grew up. Its one of the the areas that was known for violence in the capital.

Stormy, who’s real name is Michael Omari ventured off to seek further education in project management and was able to realise how deep the attack was as he thought about it and compared it to his new surroundings at the time. He goes on to say “It was in Tipton. We’d gone there to do the work of the people we were to manage, like welders and in the room were 17 white kids. One day we had our hard hats off. I had a scar on my head and someone goes ‘what happened?’, I said ‘Oh, I got stabbed” he goes onto say “I will never forget. I was explaining ‘I got stabbed here, there, there….’ They had faces of horror – and that’s when it dawned on me. Where I come from is mad. Of course it’s shocking I’ve been stabbed. Of course it shouldn’t be normal.”

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