Spice Tackles Colourism In The Black Community

Written by on 23/10/2018

Spice Tackles Colourism In The Black Community



Dancehall artist Spice caused an uproar on social media last night when a picture and video of her appeared on her social media in what seemed to be her new skin tone as many assumed she bleached. She took everyone by surprise as she deleted all her pictures prior.



However her recent posts was a promotion stunt for her new song called ‘Black Hypocrisy’ which highlights the colourism issue in the black community. In a live interview on her instagram account she says “So I have a song called Black Hypocrisy, where basically… as a black woman, I’m mostly called black by my own race. I tried to please them, so I’m going to see what they have to say now. Because of them, I’ve changed my complexion a bit. I’m just pleasing them, they asked for it so I’m giving it to them” She is highlighting the fact that many in the black community get pressured into bleaching their skin and is addressing this issue.

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