Dave West


The Dave West Reggae Foundation Show – Tuesdays 9 am – 2pm.(UK Time).

This show is full of rare and classic tunes from the vaults.

The Dave West Reggae Show – Wednesdays 8pm to 4 am. (UK Time).

This show is an eclectic mix bag of new and classic Reggae.


DJ Dave West is a heralded veteran of the industry. He is currently broadcasting his new show on GFMRadio.com.This year he’s celebrating 48 years of broadcasting. The show is sponsored by Nurture Projects Music.Dave West began broadcasting on Star Radio in Surrey in 1969. He was influenced by the offshore pirate radio stations which gave him the idea to start broadcasting on the radio. He says, “I used to go to Pama and also Trojan records. I met all the big Reggae artists in the days, they supported me on my radio shows. I started the first Reggae Pirate station in East London.”West went on to join several stations in London including Ragga FM and SLR before rejoining GFMRadio.com in 2016.

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